Parallax means quality, reliability, innovation, customization, support and service. Most importantly, Parallax helps you build a foundation of trust with your customers.

We represent quality by using only premium, tested components in our parts. We provide reliability with industry leading engineering and production allowing you to be confident in our product excellence.

Parallax is committed to innovation through our world class Research and Development. We don’t just follow industry standards, we help create them. We are equally committed to customization, understanding that one solution may not fit all needs or problems.

We know you want us to be there after the sale and we agree. If you are in the business of building recreational vehicles, our exceptional service and support departments are available to you when you need us. Make the phone call. Send us the e-mail. We are ready to stand by our premium RV electrical products helping you to succeed.

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We make power products that keep your RV running. You expect us to know all about them and to be there to help you when questions arise.

Whether the question is about the latest in Parallax Research and Development or questions about a specific Parallax product, if you are an RV OEM, RV Dealer, or RV Mobile Technician, you can submit your question here and we will answer. And always, if you have a complex question that requires a more in depth conversation, feel free to give us a call!

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We are always ready to hear how we can improve our products and service. Your feedback is very valuable to us. Maybe you’ve spotted an issue or concern with your Parallax product. We want to know about it as quickly as you can tell us. Perhaps you have a great idea of how to improve our components. We invite you to share your suggestion. It’s all part of our partnership. Click here to share your feedback.