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Linear Power Converters

Please note: Linear  converter products are no longer in production. Please ask your parts supplier or distributor  for recommended replacement options.  

Technical Documents Link  

Select the link above for Technical support files for MagneTek or Parallax Linear converter series:

  3200, 6300, 6400, 6500, and 6600 Series



3200 Series

6300 Series




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  Owner/Operator Guide 3200 Series

  Owner/Operator Guide 6300 Series

  Linear Series Frequently Asked Questions

  Linear Converter Products Brochure

  Troubleshooting Flowchart 3200/6300 Series

  Owner/Operator Guide MagneTek 6400 Series

  Owner/Operator Guide MagneTek 6500 Series   

  Owner/Operator Guide MagneTek 6600 Series

  Upgrade your 6300 Series  linear Power Center using the new TCRU upgrade kit with the  TempAssure module and sensor cable. Get clean, voltage regulated, DC power for all of your DC loads, full DC output recharge capacity, and enhanced battery management with "Temperature Compensated Charge Voltage" .