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Products No longer Produced


700 Series (left)        900 Series


3200 Series (left)  6300 Series

       6400 Series (left)        6500, 6600, 6700 Series

7200 Series

        Model 80  (left)        Model 100,100D                   

ATS (left),  ATS30

ATS 50 (left),  ATS100

         ATS5070 (left),         ATS5070FI

Note- Photos not to scale.

All information, drawings, flowcharts, and schematics are the property of Connecticut-Electric Inc. All rights reserved. Information and/or specifications subject to change without prior notice. Refer installation and servicing to qualified service personnel.  Service information provided solely for use by Licensed Electricians and Certified RV Technicians. No endorsement of technical expertise, arising from the use of the information supplied on these pages or links, is either expressed or implied.


For general information for the following "out of production" Parallax or MagneTek products select a link below.

For technical information on converters, click the Technical Documents Link on the page chosen below.

Please note: Technical Support on these products is limited to information provided through these links. Parts stocks have been exhausted and are no longer available. 

FYI - In general when replacing a converter/charger, choosing the same or slightly higher DC output amperage is recommended. If  you need a much higher DC amperage output, be sure the battery wiring and over-current protection (battery fuse or breaker) is properly rated to carry the maximum output current potential of the new converter.


700 / 900 series Ferro-resonant  Converter/Chargers  Replace with a Parallax series 4400, 5400, or 7400 of the same or slightly higher DC output amperage.. 

3200 series Linear Converter/Chargers

6300 series Linear Converter/Chargers

MagneTek 6400, 6500, & 6600 series Linear Converter/Chargers

MagneTek Electronic 6700 Series Owner/operator guide  

MagneTek  Electronic 6700 Series Troubleshooting Flowchart

Replace all models of the 6400, 6500, 6600, & 6700 Series units with the Parallax model 6730D.

MagneTek  Electronic 7200 Series Owner/operator Guide

MagneTek  Electronic 7200 Series Troubleshooting Flowchart

MagneTek 7200 & 7400 Series units may be replaced with Parallax 4400, 5400, or 7400 series units. 

Distribution Panels

30 Ampere 120 VAC Service:  Model 80 (without Door)

50 Ampere 120/240 VAC Service:  Model 100, 100D

 Line/Generator Switches

30 Ampere 120 VAC Service: 

Model ATS, ATS30 - Replace either model with a Parallax model ATS301.

50 Ampere 120/240 VAC Service:  

ATS 50,  ATS 100 , ATS5070, ATS5070FI - Replace all with current Parallax model ATS501.

Owner Operator Guides for legacy ATS Models

ATS ( A option ), ATS 30 Owner Operator Guide

ATS 50, ATS 100  Owner Operator Guide

ATS 5070, ATS 5070 FI Owner Operator Guide

Schematics are representative only and may not be exact for all models or model revisions.

ATS MOUNTING to a 6300/7300 Power Center