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Series 500, 4400, 5400, 6700, 7100, 7300, 7400,TCRU  

Electronic "Switch mode" Converter/Chargers                   


ParaMode tm 4400 & 5400 Series

TCRU "Upgrade Kit"


Model 555





7300 Series


7300RU Series

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Upgrade Kits

 TCRU  converter "Upgrade Kit" includes the TempAssure  module and sensor cable.  45, 55, 65, and 75 DC ampere output models available!  For Parallax and MagneTek model 555, and any model of Parallax & MagneTek 6300 and 7300 series.

TempAssure "Temperature Compensated Battery Charging" provides enhanced battery management

TempAssure - Features and Benefits         TempAssure  - voltage temperature graph.

7300 RU   Industry Standard basic "Upgrade Kits" for the MagneTek 6300 series .  Kits offered in 45 or 55 DC ampere output capacities.

7300 RU Upgrade kit package contents

Deck mount converter/chargers.  Do not provide AC or DC distribution. 120VAC Line cord equipped. DC output connects to the RV's DC distribution panel/system.  

ParaMode 5400 Series with PFC  (Power Factor Correction) Upgradeable to use (optional) TempAssure

ParaMode4400 Series  Available with (optional) TempAssure.  

Model 4455 - Base model with no installed options. Model 4455TC - with  TempAssure module installed and sensor cable supplied.

7400 Series Converters are being phased out of production. Contact your distributor or dealer for current availability. We encourage you to take advantage of our new 4400 and 5400 Series converters with TempAssure which are replacing the 7400 Series product.

Load Panels w/converter sections. Provides 120VAC distribution, DC distribution and have a built in converter/charger.

120/240VAC 50 Amp Service

Model 555   RV Load panel w/converter/charger. Provides 120/240VAC distribution, DC distribution and has a built in 55 ampere DC converter/charger.

120VAC 30 Amp Service 

6730 Converter/Charger  RV Load panel w/ 30 ampere DC converter/charger. Built for the Truck Camper and  Tent Trailer Market. Replaces MagneTek 6400,6600,6700 series and others.

7100 Series  RV Load panel w/converter/charger.

7300 Series  RV Load panel w/converter/charger.

Owner/Operator Guides

500 Series

4400 Series

5400 Series   

6730 Converter/Charger    

7100 Series

7300 Series  

7400 Series

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